The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs

by Cynthia DeFelice
A sequel to the award-winning The Ghost of Fossil Glen.

the Story

Just a few short weeks ago, sixth grader Allie Nichols encountered her first ghost, the spirit of a murdered girl named Lucy Stiles. Now another ghost has enters Allie’s life! Her best friend, Dub Whitwell, says Allie must be “some kind of ghost magnet.”

The new ghost appears to Allie as a handsome young man, and points her in the direction of Mrs. Hobbs, the scary cafeteria lady. Allie has always suspected that a terrible experience accounts for Mrs. Hobbs’s strange behavior. Could Mrs. Hobbs have killed the handsome young man?

Allie’s life becomes complicated as she tries to help lay her ghost to rest. For one thing, mysterious fires seem to break out wherever she turns. Dub is mad at her, and even her teacher’s dog doesn’t want anything to do with her. Soon she is in danger, along with her little brother – but from whom?


“This genuinely exciting and suspenseful sequel not only delivers the thrills young readers love, it will have them eagerly awaiting more ghostly encounters.” – Kirkus Reviews, July 15, 2001

“There’s more than enough suspense in this well-told story, and Allie is a strong, likable, believable character. A page-turner.” – School Library Journal, August 2001.

“This has real kid appeal. It’s scary, but safe, and the relationship between Allie and her best friend, Dub, helps keep one foot in the real world. Be on the lookout for more books about Allie and wispy beings trailing behind her.” – Booklist, Sept. 1, 2001

“This book finds Allie embroiled in another dangerously thrilling supernatural adventure. A diverting and suspenseful ghost story offering a likable protagonist and a thrilling romantic spark.” – Horn Book, Nov/Dec 2001

The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs
by Cynthia DeFelice
Hardcover: 1st edition (180 pp.)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux: ISBN 037438046
Paperback: HarperCollins/Harper Trophy, (Feb 2003)